This class truly is one-of-a kind.  We've worked tirelessly to craft an experience that is unique, valuable, and relevant to families planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).  We cover the risks and benefits involved when planning a VBAC while also spending time on what is often overlooked - the emotional component.  We discuss and process previous cesarean deliveries while walking families down the path of using that birth experience to begin preparing for a future one.  We take the time to look back and then turn that lens towards what is ahead.  Special... unique... personal... purposeful....  This series is all that and more.  We hope you consider joining us!

This class is for women who've had a c-section, whether currently pregnant or just in the planning stages.  Partners are encouraged to attend, but not required to do so.

Our rotating group of instructors includes Lindsay Davidson, CNM, Lauren Hale, and Kat Hickey CD(DONA).  

This class provides:

  • an opportunity to work through processing and learning from previous birth experience(s) 
  • evidence-based, researched information on the risks associated with a repeat cesarean versus a VBAC 
  • tools to gauge whether a care provider is truly supportive of VBAC
  • information on how to assemble the birth team that’s right for each family
  • skills to navigate the hospital system during labor and birth 

Come and learn all you need to know in order to navigate your way through a VBAC!

Please note:  For families who have completed the Birth Matters VBAC class and desire to enroll in our regular Childbirth Education Class for further instruction, we offer that class at a discounted rate of $175 (includes pregnant mother and her partner).

$150 (includes pregnant [or pre-pregnant] mother and partner)
Two consecutive sessions  (Wednesdays, 5:30-8:30pm)