Too Many C-Sections: Docs Rethink Induced Labor (Time, 8/10)
The rise in cesarean-section deliveries in recent years has been characterized by some as a key indication of the overmedicalization of childbirth.

National Vital Statistics Report, Births: 2007
(NCHS, 3/09)
The cesarean section rate is now at a record 31.8%.  Whoa!  Long report, but full of relevant statistics.

The Trouble with Repeat Cesareans
(Time, 2/09)
"For many pregnant women in America, it is easier today to walk into a hospital and request major abdominal surgery than it is to give birth as nature intended."

Baby Food
(The New Yorker, 1/09)
If breast is best, why are women bottling their milk?

Baby, You're Home
(The New York Times, 11/08)
Article about the rise in homebirths despite increased warnings from both ACOG and the AMA.  Homebirths are legal in Indiana, and homebirth midwives are available.  Let us know if you would like more information.

AAP on Co-Sleeping
The official statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding mother-baby co-sleeping.  They recommend against same-surface co-sleeping.

James McKenna's Response to AAP on Co-Sleeping (2005)

Five Breastfeeding Mistakes... 
(CNN, 9/07)

The Score
(The New Yorker, 10/06)
How childbirth went industrial.

Prosecution of Midwife Casts Light on Home Births (The New York Times, 4/06)