The amazing world of baby signing for hearing children grows more and more popular every day.  Parents all over the world are catching on, and are looking to teach their hearing babies sign language to help during the time before he or she becomes verbal.   Months before babies have the motor skills to speak, they have the eye-hand coordination to learn sign language.   Young babies can utilize signs to communicate their wants and needs to parents and caregivers and after regular exposure to sign language will be able to communicate whether they are hungry, cold, wet and much more.

Teaching and using baby sign language consistently with your hearing baby can reap many beneficial rewards:

  • Reduces frustration of parents when trying to understand their baby's needs
  • Babies' verbal language may be accelerated 
  • Helps to enhance receptive and expressive vocabulary
  • Helps them learn to read more easily as a child
  • Enhances creative ability
  • Promotes child/parent bonding

4 months - 1 year old