Birth doesn't always go as planned and sometimes emotional and physical reactions can surface and stay with families for months or years after a difficult birth experience.  If a family felt pressured to agree to certain procedures/interventions or didn't feel heard, validated or well supported during the birth process those factors can further aggravate the symptoms occurring after such a stressful event.  If a family has experience disappointment, trauma or grief in reaction to their birth experience then this class is for them - regardless of outcome.

Whether it was experienced due to a pelvic exam, an episiotomy, internal monitoring, vacuum extraction, c-section, premature delivery, long and complicated labor, unsupportive birth team, or negative birth outcome, if a family feels they have experienced birth trauma, they have.

This two-part class is for mothers, fathers, and other family members who have experienced a traumatic birth.  Through group learning dynamics, writing assignments, and art therapy attendees will learn to:

  • develop coping tools
  • identify and process feelings surrounding the birth
  • identify potentially negative feelings about participants and/or care providers present at the birth
  • begin to let go of negative birth-related emotions
  • develop a plan to effectively deal with future moments of fear