You moved through your pregnancy and birth, but everything isn’t feeling OK.

Are you disappointed or angry when you think about your birth story?  Do you have a sense that people weren’t listening to you, that you felt powerless, confused, or manipulated?  Maybe you feel like your body betrayed you, or that giving birth forced you to confront issues from your past.  After an emotionally or physically traumatic birth, new parents can struggle with feelings of deep sadness, guilt, anxiety or regret.

The Healing Broken Hearts after Birth workshop is a two-part series developed for mothers and their partners that can help you process and heal from your experience, enabling you to move forward in a positive way.  This workshop is led by licensed marriage and family therapist, Anne Devine.

In this class participants will ...

  • identify and process feelings surrounding the birth
  • identify potentially negative feelings about participants and /or care providers present at the birth
  • begin to let go of negative birth-related emotions
  • develop coping tools
  • develop a plan to effectively deal with future moments of fear