If there has ever been a class that is undervalued, it is Newborn Care! Most families are extremely busy during their third trimester – finishing preparations, acquiring needed items, taking lots of education classes – and they choose to opt out of this class to save time and lessen stress. Once the baby is born, however, parents are in complete charge of caring for their new little one in every way. That is when they need knowledge and skills to truly lessen the stress of becoming full-time parents! Taking Newborn Care at Birth Matters provides instruction and practice of all of the essentials to help build parental confidence as you prepare to meet and care for your baby.

In our class families will learn:

  • about newborn appearance characteristics
  • how to diaper, bathe, dress and care for baby’s physical needs
  • about crying, colic and soothing the baby
  • about infant sleep, sleep safety and the reduction of SIDS
  • how to navigate family adjustment
  • how to choose a pediatrician and when to call
  • the value of support and creating a postpartum plan

The Newborn Care class meets once for 3 hours, and can be taken individually or as part of the Comprehensive Package.  We recommend you complete this class prior to the completion of 36 weeks of pregnancy.  No refunds are available for cancellation or non-attendance of any class taken after 36 completed weeks of pregnancy (36.0 weeks).

We welcome birth professionals who wish to further their education by auditing this class.  Please contact us directly with questions about fees and scheduling.

$60  (includes pregnant mother and partner)