Most families begin making decisions about pregnancy and choosing a doctor or midwife by taking recommendations from family, friends, or even insurance companies. These sources can be helpful, but they need to be complimented with hands-on, personalized information, as the best choices for one family may not be the best for another. This relaxed, informative, private session is geared towards those preparing for a pregnancy or those in the first or second trimester of a pregnancy.

The following topics and questions will be addressed:

  • choosing what’s best for you – doctor, midwife, birth location, doula

  • what options for birth locations do we have?

  • what are important questions to ask my doctor or midwife early in pregnancy?

  • what are recommended books, websites and additional resources?

$50 (includes pre-pregnant mother and partner)

Please contact us to schedule your private consultation with Educational Director, Hallie Greider.