This website is an incredible resource for breastfeeding families. The search engine is amazing and the breadth and depth of information is outstanding.  We highly recommend that breastfeeding families bookmark this page.

La Leche League
An organization helping mothers breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information and education.  Families can locate their local support groups directly from this website.

Baby Friendly USA
This UNICEF and World Health Organization initiative seeks to certify U.S. hospitals and birth centers as "Baby Friendly" - identifying them as places offering an optimal level of care for lactation.  There are currently no locations holding this certification in the Fort Wayne area.

Ban the Bags
This campaign seeks to ban gift bags from hospitals - especially those that contain formula samples or coupons. Research shows that the practice of giving gift bags, even those without formula, reduces the rates of breastfeeding.