Our signature Childbirth Education class helps women and their partners understand the range of birth choices, clarify their desires, and gain the confidence needed to advocate for themselves during the birth process.

This class is primarily geared toward families expecting their first child.  But those preparing for subsequent children are also welcome, especially if they feel their previous childbirth education and/or birth experience was insufficient.

I'm considering an epidural. Do I still need to take classes?

Yes!  Whether or not you choose a medicated labor and birth, there's still a lot to learn and many decisions that need to be made.  Taking this class helps pinpoint your specific needs throughout the process and identify ways for you to best be supported.

I'm birthing at a hospital and they offer childbirth classes.  Why not just take those?

You might want to take those as well as they help orient you to your birthing location.  But much of the time spent in hospital-based childbirth classes details hospital procedures and protocols. In contrast, our class teaches about the actual birth process and prepares families to make informed decisions. We take time to explore the emotional, spiritual, physical, and medical aspects that are all a part of the labor and birth experience. In addition, we offer more contact hours with an educator, allowing for more instruction, discussion, and practice of everything a woman and her partner need to prepare for their birth.

Upon completion you will...

  • understand the birth process, including the stages of labor

  • be able to anticipate and prepare for emotions that can arise while being in labor

  • be familiar with your physical and emotional coping styles

  • have practiced positions and movement to aid in pain-coping from early labor through delivery

  • have an empowered partner who has learned and practiced hands-on support techniques

  • have accurate and detailed information about all pain medication and medical technology available during labor and birth

  • learn how to write an effective and individualized birth plan

  • be empowered and prepared to navigate choice-making in labor

Childbirth Education classes are offered in a two-session Saturday format or a three-session weeknight evening format.  It can be taken individually or together with Breastfeeding and Newborn Care as part of the Comprehensive Package.  We recommend you complete these classes prior to the completion of 36 weeks of pregnancy.  No refunds are available for cancellation or non-attendance of any class taken after 36 completed weeks of pregnancy (36.0 weeks).

We welcome birth professionals who wish to further their education by auditing this class.  Please contact us directly with questions about fees and scheduling.

We find that many HSA and FSA accounts pay for Childbirth Education classes.  If you participate in one of these health insurance programs, please contact them to see if you are eligible for coverage.

$250  (one ticket includes pregnant mother and one partner for Childbirth Education)

$300  (one ticket includes pregnant mother and one partner for
Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care)