"I gained a greater understanding and confidence.  I really enjoyed the pain management section and how it helped the partners get involved and take an active role.  I think it greatly helped us grasp what to expect."

          . . . Pamela, first-time mother, from Childbirth Education class

"I truly feel the information was excellent!  It was presented in a way that was easy to understand and made me excited to experience labor with my partner.  The level of confidence I feel now is above and beyond what I ever expected.  I feel like I can go into labor trusting myself and my husband to made educated, informed decisions.  Thank you!"

          . . . Molly, first-time mother, from Childbirth Education class

"The reality of childbirth was talked about in great detail which I feel will better prepare me for this 'marathon'.  I had also taken the hospital's classes for my first child and can honestly say don't waste your time!  Head over to Birth Matters and do it right the first time!"

          . . . Marshelle, second-time mother, from Childbirth Education class

"This was exactly what I needed to help my wife navigate her specific labor without really knowing it, and lead the birth in a hospital working with the doctor and staff.  Thanks!"

          . . . Sean, first-time father, from Childbirth Education class

"Incredible information!  Thanks for the wisdom and for teaching from your heart.  I feel empowered and have some practical ideas to offer support.  I've moved from feeling helpless to prepared.  The topics were very relevant and exceeded my expectations.  This class puts hospital classes to shame!"

          . . . first-time father from Childbirth Education class 

"We enjoyed these classes so much - great presentation and discussion.  The class was very comprehensive but broken down in a very understandable way.  The information about and demonstration of pain coping techniques will be a big help to support my wife.  Birth Matters ROCKS!"

          . . . Eric from Childbirth Education class

"Understanding what my wife will be going through and how to support her and advocate for her and our baby, has given me more confidence as a partner."

          . . . Kurt from Childbirth Education class

"I came to class with a vision of labor only to find out that it was the TV version not reality.  The knowledge was extremely helpful to understand my body and what we will be going through."

          . . . Desiree, first-time mother, from Childbirth Education class

"I feel so much more prepared and not 'scared' to go through labor.  I feel that I have been well-informed to make my experience individualized."

          . . . Tonja, first-time mother, from Childbirth Education class

Maternity Service Provider Recommendations

          . . . Stained Glass Confessional blog by Heather, first-time mother

"I just wanted to say a huge 'THANK YOU!' for your program.  We took your folder with all of your information, birth plan and used it before, during and after birth.  Most of what you taught me came right back from memory during active labor and I was able to help my wife focus. . . you would have been proud!  Our nurses could not believe a MAN was being so involved and easily voted me 'Coach of the Year'.  . . . we felt completely empowered with our decisions . . . this has made me a better husband and father in the long term."

          . . .  Matt from Childbirth Education class

". . . the breastfeeding class was amazing.  I wouldn't have made it through the first few weeks without that knowledge and the support from the hospital lactation team."

          . . . Betsy from Breastfeeding class

"The classes were very informative so as to allow me to make an informed decision . . . I learned to go 'inside' myself and breathe deeply . . . I think this was the key to my being relaxed and not feeling out of control.  I felt so mentally prepared when I went into labor, and that, for me, was the key to a great labor and delivery experience."

          . . . first-time mother in Childbirth Education class

"Everything was excellent and far above the expectations I had.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and communicate very effectively.  I feel so much more prepared and am not fearing the experience.  Knowledge is power!"

          . . .  first-time mother in Childbirth Education class