1.  to supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose
2.  to prepare (someone) mentally for a particular situation or task

At Birth Matters, we equip families to physically, mentally, and emotionally step confidently into the unknown of labor, birth, postpartum, and parenting realities.

These experiences, of course, should automatically be amazing and inspiring.  But often we enter them with a distorted views.  We've been influenced by other people's experiences, by what we've read, and, unfortunately, by what we've seen in pop culture TV shows and movies.  At Birth Matters, we undo these cultural myths and replace them with realities.  We open up a world of possibilities!  What can labor, birth, postpartum, and transition into parenthood look like?  Start dreaming.  Because it can be so much more than you ever dared to believe!

To find out more about us, head over to our testimonials page.  These are real mothers and fathers who have taken our classes and shared their thoughts after crossing over to the “other side”. 

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Our best wishes for your family on your journey into parenthood!